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Shiela impressed me from the start with her friendly, attentive, and comprehensive appraisal and appreciation of my father’s needs. I would rate her excellent on all four key caring categories. She is kind, and jollies him along whilst encouraging him to attain goals, and assisting with regular exercises to build him up after an extended period of muscle atrophy. She is diligent in using all the aids he needs to assist with his care, systematic in re-organising medication to ensure retailer administration, communicative in reporting changes and concerns about his observations, and organised regarding future prescriptions, and orders he needs. 

She takes initiative on tasks that need to be done, and uses free moments to complete house-keeping tasks, all with a cheerful demeanour.

She is very fondly regarded by my father, and has managed to lift his spirits when he becomes downcast and depressed.  Her experience, intelligence and compassion is hugely reassuring to us, and we have been delighted she has been, and hopefully will continue to be, part of his care-team.

Dr Sarah Partridge (Oncologist) London