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It’s hard to know where to start with my appreciation. From the very first contact to assessing the needs of my aunt, Filipino Care Givers went to great lengths to understand and fulfill her needs. It’s important to note how good their communication with us has been both in person and by daily reports.

Caring for people with dementia has its challenges. However, they not only do their job, but perform it in a caring way. We are extremely grateful and in nearly a year they have proven to be 100% reliable.

I can only give a glowing report of the care my aunt receives from Filipino Carers. In the 18 months that they have provided a carer there was never a day that wasn't appropriately covered. This includes holidays , sickness etc. so 100% reliable.

Safety is especially difficult in the setting of an old house and a lady with dementia who refuses to allow OT assessors in and has thrown out things she doesn't want. 

The carers are well aware of potential deficiencies and are extremely careful to avoid undue risk. This includes a comprehensive handover with a new carer.

I was an NHS surgeon in London and I wish my nurses would have given such a complete handover ensuring continuity of care. In the setting of dementia , this handover is perhaps even more important than usual as change is poorly tolerated. 

As far as effective is concerned, I have been extremely impressed how they deal with a difficult lady who is on occasions doubly incontinent .

In all their dealings with her, they show efficient but caring control to allow for a safe hygienic environment. The proof is the acceptance of " these people" who of course in her mind, she neither needs nor wants. This acceptance is remarkable and a testament to their style of care. 

Responsive? When I have had requests regarding certain practical elements of her care, the response has always been positive and " can/will do" . 

The last issue is well led. Again I have been extremely pleased. One example was a request to remove carpet from her bedroom which could no longer be adequately kept clean in the setting of her accidents .

It was a sensible request to replace for a high grade, non slip lino- type flooring. I have many similar examples.

You will see from the above that I feel fortunate to have such a competent and caring agency. I live 2200 miles away and during covid can't even do my quarterly visits . The app ( nurse buddy)  that gives me a daily report in addition to my phone calls gives me a high measure of comfort. 

Prof. Brian Glenville (Surgeon)